Episode 9: Tank Sinatra | Think Tank

With his more than 1.3 million followers on Instagram alone, Tank Sinatra is a meme-making machine. But, as you’ll come to find out through this interview, he’s certainly more than just a meme-maker. He’s George Resch. George is a dad, an author, a comedian, a writer, an influencer and “a hardcore kid from Long Island.”

George opens up to us about his life and all of the reasons why he’s always walked towards and tried out the things he’s feared the most. From singing in a local hardcore band to competitive body building George has done more than most and attempted things that seem to be almost polar opposite from each other.

He tells us of a varied, interesting and often frightening journey that always seem to include attempts at interests that are seemingly out-of-step with one another. He talks about everything from trying out for a show on the Oprah Winfrey Network to his first hardcore show seeing V.O.D. Its all of these experiences and more that leads to the road to writing “Happy Is the New Rich”.

“Happy is the New Rich” is the title of his new book and a way of life for George and he explains it all to us.

And then finally George brings us up to date on what he’s doing with Tank Sinatra. George gives us the skinny on “Tanks Good News”, his recent pairing with ‘Brandfire’, his new app MOMUS, the new documentary MEME GODS and his first foray into hosting a TV show. He gives us some gems and insight into marketing and media companies that he’s learned along the way, and we even get to find out what his screen looks like when he opens up his Instagram app with more than a million followers. Best of all, he gives us all his wisdom, insight and storytelling with a sense of humor, self-depreciation and a non-politically correct approach that we love here at IF I RULED THE WORLD PODCAST.