Episode 8: Tommy Corrigan | Life of a Spectator

The Long Island music scene is best known through some of the biggest bands that came out of the area such as Taking Back Sunday, Glassjaw and Brand New. But, it would be tough to find a band that came out of that era in the late 90’s that wouldn’t cite Silent Majority as an influence and speak on the proficiency of their lead singer, lyricist and consummate front man, Thomas Corrigan.

Tommy has been cited more than a few times in previous podcasts and we were excited that he agreed to give us some time to talk about everything in his musical life from the first moment he heard a punk band through to his very emotional last show of his career.

Being that Tom has an impeccable memory and a knack for storytelling, he gave us more than just a strict timeline of his life. He gave us an honest take on various points in his life and his background on other interests in his life such as Straightedge, Graffiti, T-shirt Design and Fishing.

“I’m out of the Game” says Tommy more than once in this interview. And although we may never get to see him on stage again, it’s clear why he has left a lasting impression on his audiences and listeners, both large and small.

“To me this is a life style and not some silly trend
And years from now when they’re all gone
I pray that we’re still friends”
—Thomas Corrigan