Episode 7: Kevin Caputo | American Assassin

Kevin Caputo is a one man Army. Through relentless promotion of his musical project Stereo Assassin, hes gained an enormous following on social media in America and all over the world. We sat with Kevin to discuss how his operation works and to clear up some of the rumors that surround him because of his political views and how he handles people who troll him.
Some of the highlights include:
-His history in the legendary Disciplinary Action
-His true feelings on Trump, Conservatism and politics
-Past bands and affiliations with NYHC
-Tips on growing and audience on Social Media
-Hilarious stories of Kevin’s often rough-and-tumble life in Music
-Clearing up some of the rumors behind his political views
-The story behind his appearance on IMPRACTICAL JOKERS
-His view on religion and being a “militant atheist”
-How he explains his unique style of mixing Drum-n-bass and metal music
-He explains the back stories of some of the origins of some of his controversies with other DJs and misconceptions

Here on IF I RULED THE WORLD, we like guests who aren’t politically correct, are great storytellers and can have an honest dialogue with people of different viewpoints. Kevin was all three of these and more. We found him to be open, funny, honest and entertaining.