Episode 6: Vinnie Caruana | The Music Life

We sat with Vinnie and his wife Laura in their apartment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn on a snowy Monday evening to discuss his life in and around Music. Vinnie was soft spoken, polite and comfortable in his own skin as he shared his experiences in his more than 20 years of playing.
Highlights include:
-Relationship with Brandon Reilly
-Doing Shows in his living room with Stage-it.
-Speaking on how the Van Crash with The Movielife has affected how he tours.
-What its like Playing Music full-time
-Re-starting The Movielife
-The difference between being in a band and playing solo
-Evolution of playing acoustically
-Growing up in the Long Island Hardcore Scene
-His Love of V.O.D. (Vision of Disorder)
-Playing in the original version of Head Automatica and why he left.
-Breaking Straight Edge with Daryl Palumbo
-Being detained at the Border with Maroon 5
-State of I am the Avalanche
-Songwriting for different projects.
-His foray into songwriting for other Artists
-Vinnie explains song publishing
-Working with Melissa Cross
-Why you should never eat Hipster Popcorn(Artisan Mini Kernels)
-Vinnie breaks down what “Emo Nite” is and why he has retired from doing it.