Episode 5: Gavin Van Vlack | Urgency

“To be a proficient teacher, you constantly have to be ready to learn. “
-Gavin Van Vlack

We met up with our guest on a snowy Sunday morning at his gym, Physical Culture Collective in Bushwick, New York. Gavin fed us some strong Caveman coffee as well as stories and his inspiring philosophies on what, how and why he does what he does.
Some of the highlights include:
-The philosophy behind his gym, “Physical Culture Collective”
-His writing Process
-Why he left Burn many years ago
-Tour stories with Chino and the Deftones
-Growing up in the NYC punk/hardcore scene
-Working with Producer Martin Bisi
-Working w Producer Kurt Ballou
-Working w producer Joel Hamilton
-Discovering martial arts in the 80s
-Current projects and the state of DIE 116 and BURN
-The best way to “Netflix and Chill” (seriously….)

Gavin vacillates in between states of coaching and being coach-able, teaching and learning, performing and writing, producing and being produced. He does all of this and more and with a sense of urgency that is infectious. Join us for an interview that’ll leave you inspired, interested, infected and urgently ready to get- your- shit- together all before your second cup of Caveman coffee.