Episode 4: Tim Williams | Bliss and Devastation

We sat down with Tim Williams in the basement of his home in the Bronx, N.Y. Our purpose of this interview was to document two things; Tim’s personal history in his bands and to gain an insight into his incredible and unique voice.
Ever since he was a kid, Tim always wanted to be a singer. From singing Doors covers in the earlier days to screaming VOD songs in arenas and festivals all over the world, Tim has a unique and often surprising perspective on his life in music. Tim was generous with his time and storytelling as he detailed his role in his bands BLOOD SIMPLE and VISION OF DISORDER. He explained the history behind the signings, the tour stories and some of the reasons behind hiatuses, new records, new bands and the inevitable resurrection of V.O.D….. 2.0.

A lot was covered in this interview. Some of the highlights include:
-Recording with PHIL ANSELMO
– Touring on the first Ozzfest and Family Valus Tour.
-Being in Europe on 9/11
-Singing for and touring with ALICE IN CHAINS
-Singing for and working with DUFFMCKAGAN (Guns &Roses)
– Working w Vocal Instructors Don Lawrence, Ron Andersen and Melissa Cross.
-Walking us through his experience recording with various producers such as Dave Sardy, Garth Richardson, Zeuss and Machine and the differences between them all.
-Contrasting his different experiences on signing with GO-KART, SFT, ROADRUNNER , TVT and CANDLELIGHT

In the more than 20 years of Tim being in successful touring acts, incredibly hes only been in 2 bands. But, it becomes clear that he’s lived more than several life times compared to your average musician.
In this incredible interview we get to hear about the highs, the lows , the hits, the misses, the good, the bad, the bliss and the devastation.

“Into the brink, I will rise….”
-Tim Williams