Episode 34: Noah Levine | Question Everything

(**Note–The first few minutes we had a slight audio problem on Noahs track. It was just a tiny bit low in volume and noisy.  But all is fine about 3 minutes in.**.)

We had an intimate and wide ranging conversation with Noah Levine about everything from his punk-rock upbringing, his books and retreats, to recent controversies hes encountered, his current projects and Noah’s unique approach to it all.

Noah is a Buddhist teacher, addiction-recovery advocate, psychological counselor and the founder of several non-profits that provide Buddhist-based resources to diverse populations including addicts (Refuge Recovery), incarcerated youth (the mind body awareness project), He offers retreats, trainings, lectures and meditation classes internationally. __________________________________________________

Everything you need to know about Noah Levine is at: www.NOAHLEVINE.com __________________________________________________

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