Episode 3: Chris Enriquez Is Busier Than You

Chris Enriquez came out to Long Island on Black Friday and sat with us to do what he loves to do, talk shop with friends.
If you dont know Chris then you’ll quickly find out that “talking shop” means talking about music. This is a topic that he lives and breathes.

From his long, impressive musical career to his current day job, hes immersed in music in a way that would exhaust most people, but its the fuel and the outlet that keeps our guest most happy and growing as a person. Chris shared some personal stories about being in ON THE MIGHT OF PRINCES and the changes in himself and his outlook on being in a band that came from his time in OTMOP. He spoke on the untimely death of their singer Jason Rosenthal and what exactly happened with the reunions and everything leading up to the point.
We got a lot of great stories about him working at REVOLVER magazine and LOUDWIRE and what its like to work at Award shows, do Podcast Interviews and balance being on both sides of the music industry.

Chris fills us in on all of his past bands including Gracer and Villa Vina, as well as bringing us up to speed on his current projects, PRIMITIVE WEAPONS and SPOTLIGHTS. And of course we had to find out what it was like to tour with the DEFTONES and THE REFUSED. Whether its sitting behind the drums in SPOTLIGHTS, or sitting behind a mic interviewing DAVE MUSTAINE, Chris is the type of person we love around here, a genuinely great guy, with a shitload of great stories to tell. So, sit back, relax and enjoy this episode. And just think, whatever it is that you’re doing right now, Chris Enriquez is most likely busier than you.