Episode 29: Q-Unique | Life is Like…

We sat with Q-Unique for an in depth Interview about his lifelong musical journey from Hip-Hop to Rock , and back to Hip-Hop Again.  From his early days with Rock-Steady crew to playing in a band with Fieldy from Korn, Q-Unique often has found himself in a situation he may not have expected, but he explains his approach to stepping up to the new roles he finds himself in.  We joked in the podcast that he seemed like Forest Gump in the way that he often bumped into other musicians or situations and found himself right in the middle of something legendary.  Q-Unique shows us what his life is like and how it is indeed, like a box of chocolates.




THE ARSONISTS- www.q-unique.com/the-arsonists

KINGS BOUNTY–www.q-unique.com/kings-bounty



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