Episode 2: Arthur Shepherd | Negotiating Expectations

Sitting in a closed ST, VITUS BAR, Arthur talks about the full spectrum of his life in music. The show starts with our guest speaking on how St. Vitus works as a “Live Music Venue” and also the beginnings and the philosophy behind NYC’s best place to play. We get to hear about some of the incredible moments of their 7 year history including Rock-Star book signings, behind-the-scenes on the bookings and what its like to deal w the artists vs. their management. We hear stories about MEGADETH, ANTHRAX, THE DESCENDENTS and more. We even got the backstory of how it came to be that NIRVANA played a set at his venue at 2am after The Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame and what its like to keep that secret.
Arthur continues to give us the details of playing in all of his bands from smaller independent bands such as MIND OVER MATTER and ERROR TYPE 11, to eventually get signed to a major label with INSTRUCTION. We get some highlights of what it was like playing with his musical hero Walter Schreifels ( QUICKSAND), in the short-lived WORLDS FASTEST CAR. Artie speaks on helping produce SILENT MAJORITY as well as other things hes done in the music industry outside of being in a band all while managing expectations.