Episode 19: Shawna Potter | War on Women

War On Women is a co-ed, feminist hardcore punk band based out of Baltimore, MD. Their lead vocalist is Shawna Potter and she is of course, so much more than just your average singer.

Beyond handling vocals for the band she is also the founder of Hollaback! Baltimore, co-founder of & trainer for Safer Space Program, writer, activist, public speaker, amp repair technician, and ordained clergy.

Shawna took the time to have a great conversation about as many topics as we could fit into this episode.

Besides being talented and hard-working, Shawna found a way to create a safe space in this conversation to exchange some ideas of topics that we haven’t generally discussed on the podcast with previous guests. Shawna was as open and honest about her goals and achievements as she was about the vulnerability and challenges she faces in her current position and endeavors.

There was a refreshing honesty and attention to nuance in this conversation that doesn’t always happen in today’s social media world. We thank Shawna for her openness and the generosity of her time.

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