Episode 14: Goretex | Heavy Metal King

We sat with GoreTex for an extended interview about his history in Non-Phixion, Heavy Metal Kings, and his solo career.
Highlights include:
-Creating a Fanzine at 13
-Signing with Serchlight ( Mc Serch 3rd Bass)
-Non phixion breakup and reunion
-Meeting up with David Blaine
-Stretch and Bobbito
-Hanging w Russell Simmons
-Working and falling out with MC Serch (3rd Bass)
-Being shopped to various labels in the 90s
-Working with Geffen and A&R problems
-signing with Matador Records
-Being ripped off by Landspeed Records
-Difference between Art of Dying and Electric Lucifer
-Future of Non-Phixion
-Featuring on Heavy Metal Kings Record
-Wanting to write a book on Iron Maiden
-New record with Ill Bill

IG- www.instagram.com/_goretex/
TWITTER- twitter.com/GoreElohim
MUSIC – goreelohim.bandcamp.com/releases
YOUTUBE – www.youtube.com/watch?v=e1xCgxldnWM
Spotify – open.spotify.com/artist/0bWOVEEzz…utoplay=true&v=A