Episode 12: Dave Case | In the Pocket

Dave Case sat down with us for an in-depth conversation about the bands he’s currently in and his overall approach to playing music in general.

About 8 years ago, Dave got a call from the legendary guitarist and vocalist, Page Hamilton. After lengthy auditions, he was asked to play in one of his all-time favorite bands, HELMET. His approach to being in that band from then until now mirrors the way he has always approached almost all aspects of his life. He takes all roles in his busy life seriously, gives it his all and has an admirable philosophy in the way he chooses to be a team player with his band-mates, co-workers, friendships and relationships.

Dave starts off this interview with talking about how he got in to Helmet and the overall history of being in that band. He discusses how the band works and his relationship with a man he clearly respects and admires, Page Hamilton.

Dave gets us up to date with his other projects he’s working on including KILLER HILL and AFTERBIRTH. He talks about the similarities and differences between all the bands, his position in those bands and how he juggles that, his work life and his marriage.

As a musician, Dave is talented enough to stand on his own and do what he wants to do. As a band member, he’s there to create music WITH you and wants to support whatever’s going on in the song. He’s the consummate bass player and he enjoys maximizing playing in that pocket his band members have created for him.

Dave Case’s Current bands
HELMET www.helmetmusic.com/
KILLER HILL killerhill1.bandcamp.com/
AFTER BIRTH afterbirthnydeathmetal.bandcamp.com/

Some of Dave Case’s previous bands
(if anyone has better links, let us know and we’ll update them)
THE JET BLACK HEART ATTACK www.facebook.com/thejbha/
EARTHLING MASSIVE www.last.fm/music/Earthling+Massive/+tracks
EXPLODER ONE www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-Gyg7W1C7Y

Dave mentioned FULL FORCE STUDIO fullforcestudio.com/

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